Thursday, March 06, 2008

Act Now

Here's an unusual story for ya. It looks like their has been a huge increase in theatrical productions and people claiming to be actors in Minnesota this week. Why, you ask? Well that's simple, it's smoking. Uh, what? Yeah, smoking. The deal is that Minnesota just passed a law to ban smoking in all restaurants and nightspots. However, for some brilliant reason, they left in a loophole that made an exception for performers in theatrical productions. So, what would you do if you were addicted to nicotine and Minnesota nightlife? Well you become a thespian that's what. Bars all over Minnesota have christened themselves new playhouses and everyone inside is the star of the show. What's on the playbill? It's life in the bar, pre smoking ban. The smokers are "actors" playing themselves as they were before the ban. As funny as this light hearted rebellion is, these "actors" will have to look elsewhere to continue their "roles" soon because the government is not impressed with their performance. They are quickly trying to tighten up this ridiculous loophole and crackdown on these pseudo productions. I'm sure these smokers want the "show" to go on as long as possible but it won't be long until it's curtains.

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Holly said...

Ha! That's pretty bizarre!! :-)

Peri said...

Good for people to know.