Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One for the little guys

I haven't seen this story too much in the press anywhere, and I probably never would have heard about it if I hadn't seen it live while randomly fliping through the channels. It's a good story of the big guy sticking up for the little guy. I have to take my hat off to the Boston Red Sox, not just becaue they are the world champions and a good baseball team but because they stood up for the right thing. Last week just before their last preseason game in Florida the team refused to take the field. They had been scheduled to play the game and then head to Japan, where they would play their first game of the season. The issue was that the players had an understanding that their coaches and staff would be paid extra for the trip just like the players were. However, the morning of the game in Florida they found out none of the staff and coaches were gettig paid, only the players were. The team could have easily not cared and not done anything about it and no one would ever have known. Instead , the team rallied to their extended family in support. The players recognized that it was unfair for their extended staff to not get paid when they have just as much to do with playing the games as the players do. So, the team refused to play or go to Japan until a deal was made. In the end the league paid half and the team paid half of the support staff's extra salary.

I think the fact that these players acknowledged how pivotal the role of these support people is was remarkable. I know from experience what goes on "behind the scenes", it definitely is a thankless job and one with little credit. There is so much work that goes into sports or entertainment, and the person on stage or the field is one part in making it happen. It is so easy to forget the others who work just as hard or harder to get it done. I work in a support role and I even forget the support people when I see a show or go to a game. It was nice to see the Red Sox give credit where it was due and take care of their extended "family". So maybe ball players aren't so selfish after all and maybe I'll have to become a Red Sox fan for real instead of just from afar. Here is a more detailed article.


Brian said...

This is a great story. Can't wait for baseball! Go Cubs!!!

Anonymous said...


electroluminescence said...

i love stories of redemption! :]

i've been meaning to come tell you that it was STELLAR seeing you last week in North Carolina.
& that i really appreciate your hard work & diligence behind the scenes!
you looked even more exhausted that almost everyone at the show & you work harder than almost anyone i know... without a complaint!
you're FABULOUS, dave!

p.s. i am super excited for the U2 & Coldplay albums this year too! they are definitely two of my top favourite bands... i've still never basked in the glory of U2 live, but i did get to see Coldplay 3 years ago.... it was BRILLIANT beyond measure.